Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polaroid Pictures

While cleaning the office here at Sam Weller's Books in preparation for our move to Trolley Square we found a Polaroid camera and some film (best used by March 2004).

I love Polaroids. Birthday money supplemented with chore money bought my first camera, a Polaroid. It looked almost exactly like this one, except that it was a sporty red color. So I was immediately excited to start snapping photos.

Of course with film that expired seven years and nine months ago, there was no telling how they would turn out. They turned out interesting.

 Catherine is channeling the moving stress of all the staff.

 Tony and Joan are preparing the Rare Book Room.

 Getting things done.

 Frank staffing the side counter.

Hollis is holding down the fort in the office.

 Jason is organizing the volunteer schedule.
If you would like to volunteer, contact him at the store. 
801-328-2586 or

Elizabeth is the returns queen.

 Our friends in the Coffee Garden on Main.

 Debra staffing the main floor info desk.

Stephanie is packing the office.

I don't know what caused portions not to develop. Perhaps the developing fluid had dried out. I have one cartridge (10 photos!) left. I'll use them in the move and post them in a future blog.

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annette boehm said...

I love the look of those "expired" photos! What a nice find.