Monday, November 28, 2011

Trolley Square photos

Here are a few photos of the space in progress. I'm sorry they're so dark. But the lights aren't installed yet so it's dark in there! Don't worry, they're shipping.

This is the current outside of our store. The entrances, upstairs and down, will be immediately west of the atrium off the 600 South entrance.

This was how the space looked raw. It hasn't looked like this since early October.

This is the area Tony refers to as "The Grotto." Those spaces are transforming into offices and a meeting room.

Interior framing. The Grotto is off the the left. The mezzanine is above The Grotto. Big pipes are everywhere.

Still to come: electrical/phones/data/lights, a staircase from the balcony, flooring and railings for the balcony, main floor staining & sealing, painting, installation of sales racks and counters (to seismic code specs), signage and the facade, plus myriad little things I'm forgetting right now.

Oh, and a clothes line. Yes a clothes line. You'll see.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Stuff for Sale

You already know we've begun our Moving Sale. Oh, you don't? Well, used and rare books are 20% off. If you purchase 10 or more used books, or 10 or more rare books, the discount increases to 30%. The Bargain Rooms sale is still in effect, 10 or more items from there will get you 50% off.
Even better we've moved National Geographics published from the 1950's on to the Bargain Rooms. They're 25 cents a piece.

In addition to all that book goodness, we've got construction supplies for sale. We've got lumber, cinder blocks, oak doors, and enormous wood beams. Contact a manager for more details. More book cases have become available too. Come down and snag one or two today.