Thursday, May 6, 2010

Willy Vlautin LIVE May 5th at Sam Weller's

Last night we hosted Richmond Fontaine front man Willy Vlautin and guitarist Dan Eccles. Willy read excerpts from his latest novel Lean On Pete, while Eccles strummed the guitar, lending a nice atmosphere to the event. In-between reading, they played music, live in the book store. If Willy’s good natured vibe is contagious, which I believe it is, I’d feel safe saying everyone got something from last nights event. Willy signed copies of his books (which we still have a few of!) and spent time talking with his fans and then played nearly 2 hours at the State Room following the reading. A modest 2 piece, Willy and Dan, played hard, giving a great performance, and again chatting after the show with fans, in the lobby of the State Room. Two down to earth dudes, Willy and Dan, couldn’t have given us a better show.

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