Sunday, September 7, 2008

From the Quarter Bins: Time Masters #1

Occasionally I like to dive into the Quarter Bin Comics because you never know what you might find. A little background for the uninitiated: The Quarter Bins can be found at the back of any comic section. At Sam Weller's there is a box sitting atop the graphic novel section. These comics are most likely loose issues sold for cheap. Here you can find discarded treasures which brings me to today's choice: Time Masters #1.

This comic was released in February 1990, written by Bob Wayne and Lewis Shiner. Penciled by Art Thibert and inked by Jose Marzan, Jr. I picked it up because I dig time travel stories and the awesomeness that is Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter, as he is introduced in the first few pages, is a doctor studying time travel whose lab gets blown up. Hunter is torn up because he's lost his assistant and his boss, Magnus, will be pissed.

In a cool flashback we learn that Rip became obssessed about time travel when his grandfather gave him a clock. (BTW his grandfather kinda looks like Gepetto in Pinocchio which makes me wonder whether this is for real or not.) It turns out that his lab has been sabotaged by the Free Masons who we learn about in an awesome 2 page spread. There's a great combination of Knights, George Washington, and a spooky guy in a hood.

The latter half of the book is lightened by an appearance from 80s hero Booster Gold. I was delighted to see Booster Gold because I loved 52, where he's featured, as well as his current namesake comic Booster Gold. I think Booster Gold is a wonderful self-serving jerk of a superhero. However it is his partnership with the incredibly earnest Rip Hunter that stops him from total jack-assery. Booster agrees to help him find out what happened in return for more fame and glory.

Now even I will admit that all this is ridiculously silly. The art is very old style as well. But part of the fun is how bad some of these comics are. It's okay to laugh at comics. And for the low price of a quarter that is an incredible bargain.

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